My trip to New York City (November 2014)

manhattan at night from over the river in Brooklyn
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Earlier this month, I got the chance to travel to New York City for the first time. My good buddy and mentor Rich Coleman, Ryan and Rach Photography, Sarah D’Ambra Photography, and Rich’s friend Ramone. We were only there for a couple days, so we made sure to pack them full. Friday, we got breakfast in Columbus Circle, and then met up with a model we’d hired to have a session in Central Park. Keep reading for details!

manhattan financial district from over the river in brooklyn columbus circle in new york city columbus circle in new york city sunlight through the trees in central park nyc


Patricia Selznick is an actress and model. She’s also funny, charming, and great at looking comfortable in sub-50 degree weather! We had planned out a few different setups. We knew we wanted to mostly use artificial lighting. Our time with Patricia started mid-morning, so even though we were in shade, the lighting was average. We used a 47″ octobox for our primary light and a gelled beauty dish for our “sunlight.” All of us are wedding photographers (except Ramone, who is a killer assistant), so we’re used to taking beautiful pictures on tight schedules. We blew through all of our setups in under 45 minutes! It was cold and windy, but Patricia kept up the entire time. Here are a few of them:


ramone sanchez sitting in Central Park


Ramone made a great lighting test model while we waited to meet Patricia. I actually like this picture better than the “real” one!


Model Patricia Selznick posing in central park nyc


That beautiful golden light? Yeah, all fake. It still looks great though!

woman smiling and looking towards camera in central park Patricia Selznick in tunnel in central park


This tunnel was pitch-black compared to the outdoors, so we got to play with a completely artificial scene.


Patricia Selznick new york city modeling pictureblack and white photo of model and actress Patricia SelznickPatricia Selznick on steps in Central Park


I’ve been working on a new photography technique this year, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try it out on a professional model. Brenizer portraits (popularized by the incredible Ryan Brenizer) mimic the look of a huge large-format camera. A camera that could take a picture like this in one shot would either be the size of a small car or (most likely) be impossible to actually make. I shoot my Brenizers a little different than Ryan does for a more personalized look. I’ve been experimenting with this for the past few months. Here’s a shot of the best 2nd shooter ever, Mason Murawski:

(this photo is from the OBX, not from NYC)


mason murawski on a stool in the obx


I knew the wind was going to be an issue, but with a little adjustment (and a lot of patience from the rest of the group) I was able to make it work.


brenizer potrait of Patricia Selznick


I’ve shrunken this for the web, but the original is over 80 megapixels! Here is a small section blown up, so you can see the detail:


2014_11 NYC Trip 013


After leaving Patricia, we wandered around and did the touristy sight-seeing thing for the rest of the day. When we crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, we happened across a guy proposing to his girlfriend. We all had cameras out (of course) so we snagged a few pitch-black engagement photos!


Times Square at night Traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge wedding proposal on brooklyn bridge


On the way home on Sunday, we were all pretty exhausted from the trip. There was an amazing sunset though, so we pulled over into a field, grabbed the strobe and the ever-ready cameras, and took a few more shots.


2014_11 NYC Trip 017 2014_11 NYC Trip 018


Overall, it was an amazing trip. NYC is every bit as impressive as it looks in pictures, and I’m excited to be going back for my 5th anniversary with my wife in a few months!


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