Chris and Jessica just got married on Lake Michigan (May 2014)

beautiful wedding picture on lake michigan
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This is a wedding I’ve been very excited to share. Chris was my college roommate and is one of my best friends. He moved to Kentucky after graduation, but we’ve stayed close. He became roommates with Steve, whose wedding I photographed earlier this year. Steve introduced Chris to his sister-in-law Jessica last year, and here we are! Chris and Jessica wanted a simple wedding surrounded by family, and they chose Muskegon, Michigan for their big day. My wife Hope and I were honored to be included as two of only three non-family members invited. Chris asked me to come as his friend, and not his photographer, but I wouldn’t be able to stand the thought of anyone else having the privilege of capturing his wedding. Thankfully Chris and Jessica agreed to let me bring a camera, but they both warned me that they were shy. See for yourself, but I think they look great!

I’ve never been to Michigan. Heck, I’ve never been close to Michigan. All through college, Chris told me about how nice the (summer) weather was, and how beautiful Lake Michigan is. As someone raised on the East Coast right by the Atlantic Ocean, I wasn’t impressed. The only thing about Michigan that sounded nice was the weather. As soon as it goes above 75 degrees and a tiny amount of humidity, I think it’s too hot. Well, in Virginia, that’s about 6-7 months out of the year! Michigan was just as nice as Chris promised. The massive Lake Michigan was so different from what I’m used to with the ocean. It was huge, but very peaceful and quiet. The entire day was beautiful. In the morning, Hope and I walked downtown Muskegon with Chris and his siblings. In the early afternoon, his family assembled and walked the quarter mile to the beach. Chris and Jessica’s families brought umbrellas out to the beach to protect against the summer sun, which looked cool in the pictures. After a simple ceremony and a few pictures, the united family headed back to Chris’s parents’ house for a relaxing afternoon by the pool. In the early evening, we all headed to a local favorite restaurant for dinner. The light was looking fantastic when we left dinner, so I convinced Chris to let me take them back to the lake for a few more pictures as the sun was going down. This will always be one of my favorite weddings, and I definitely teared up once or twice behind the camera. I love Chris and Jessica like family and I’m incredibly blessed to call them friends. Here are some of the pictures!


lake michigan wedding
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muskegon michigan

muskegon michigan

muskegon lighthouse

2014_5_30 Chris and Jessica Blog 006

jeremiah and hope skinner in front of lake michigan

muskegon michigan lighthouse

groom hugs father on beach

lake michigan wedding

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2014_5_30 Chris and Jessica Blog 012

wedding party with umbrellas on beach

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wedding rings in sand in lake michigan beach

2014_5_30 Chris and Jessica Blog 024

wedding reception in muskegon michigan

2014_5_30 Chris and Jessica Blog 027

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