• Chris and Jessica just got married on Lake Michigan (May 2014)

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    This is a wedding I’ve been very excited to share. Chris was my college roommate and is one of my best friends. He moved to Kentucky after graduation, but we’ve stayed close. He became roommates with Steve, whose wedding I photographed earlier this year. Steve introduced Chris to his sister-in-law Jessica last year, and here we are! Chris and Jessica wanted a simple wedding surrounded by family, and they chose Muskegon, Michigan for their big day. (more…)

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  • Matt and Lauren just got married in Williamsburg, Virginia (May 2014)

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    You might remember Matt and Lauren from their Richmond engagement session last year. Well, their wedding day is here! Matt and Lauren were an amazing couple and Mason and I had a blast covering their day. Their ceremony and reception were held at the Williamsburg Hellenic Center. (more…)

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  • Olivia and Jayson are engaged in Gloucester, Virginia (April 2014)

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    I (sometimes) fondly remember the mad dash every weekend I was home from college. There were friends to hang out with, family to visit, and two days to make it all happen. I can’t imagine planning a wedding at home while hours away at school, but that’s what Olivia and Jayson are doing! Each weekend they can make the 6 hour drive home, they have been visiting venues and meeting with everyone that goes into making a beautiful wedding happen. Our first engagement session was rained out, so it took a few weeks before Olivia and Jayson could make it back home again. I’m glad they did, because we had a great time. Some of my favorite engagement pictures came from this session, and I even have the cover image hanging on my wall now. I’m excited for their wedding this fall! (more…)

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  • Skip and Dae got married in Heathsville, Virginia! (April 2014)

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    Fancy wedding chapels and massive wedding reception halls have their place, and I’ve photographed many weddings at them. But, I still can’t get over the beauty and comfort of a simple country wedding! For beautiful pictures, location is much more important than the amount of decorations, or a perfectly matching color palette, or riding down the aisle on a unicorn (I’ve never been to a wedding that did this, but for the record, I’m in). Skip and Dae chose to have their wedding at a beautiful rural farm owned by some family friends. Tucked away in Heathsville, Virginia, the location combined with the flowering trees gave us some amazing pictures. (more…)

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  • Steve and Bethany got married in Topeka, Kansas! (March 2014)

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    I met Steve through my college roommate and good friend Chris (check out his wedding here!). I was honored when Steve asked me to shoot his wedding. That meant my first major bit of travel; Steve and Bethany married each other in Topeka Kansas! I love new experiences and seeing new places, so I jumped at the opportunity. Given that I’d never traveled by myself with enough gear to shoot a wedding on my own, I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t have everything I’d need. My triple-checking paid off though, and everything went great! (more…)

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  • Stuart and Jennifer got married in Newport News Virginia!

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    Stuart and Jennifer’s wedding was very unique. This is definitely the first time I’ve ever had a couple request beach portraits in January! I was of course happy to do it, but I was a little concerned about the weather. There was snow the week of the wedding, but the beach itself stayed clear! I felt bad for the bridesmaids, even though we were out on the beach for only 20 minutes or so they were shivering the entire time. You can’t tell by the pictures, though! Stuart and Jennifer have awesome friends and I know they felt blessed to have them be a part of their wedding. The wedding itself was held at Holy Cross United Methodist Church in Newport News, Virginia. The reception was held at The Boxwood Inn in Lee Hall, Virgina. I’ve never photographed there before, but I’m glad I was able to! The venue is really vintage and the staff is incredibly welcoming and professional. I had a great time partying with Stuart and Jennifer all evening, and I’m very happy with how the pictures came out. Take a look! (more…)

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  • The Brizendine Family in West Point, Virginia!

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    Adam and Kristen are becoming a regular fixture here! They were one of the first weddings I ever photographed, back in 2010, and we had a maternity session last year. Well Baby Lily has been born, and it’s time for Christmas card pictures! I know that I have a bias because she’s my niece (cousin-once-removed, technically), but Lily is one of theĀ  cutest babies I’ve photographed. She also likes me, so that’s always a plus! We picked a harvested corn field in West Point, Virginia. This late in the year, the light is only good for around an hour each evening. That’s not bad, but that isn’t always enough time to get a couple kids to sit still! Fortunately, Josh and Lily were very easy and pleasant the entire time. (more…)

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  • The Thornton Family in Gloucester, Virginia!

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    The Thornton family contacted me to have a family session with them. I typically don’t do many family sessions. It requires a different skillset than weddings and portraits, and while I can certainly do it, I usually prefer to refer families to awesome local family photographers like Happy Acres Photography or Melanie Chattin. I’ve known the Thorntons for many years (I actually used to work for Jeremy Thornton as a landscaper), so I was happy to have the opportunity to take their pictures! You might also recognize them from another session I did at Yorktown Beach with the Lewis family earlier this year. The Thornton’s two boys are incredibly energetic, so I spent most of the session just trying to keep up! I’m a little ashamed to say that they completely wore me out. And I shoot weddings! (more…)

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  • The Clark Family in Mathews, Virginia!

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    The Clark Family (who you might remember from their session in 2012) wanted to take a few pictures to put on a Christmas card. Last time we took pictures in the summer, so we tried November this year. The fall has beautiful trees, leaves, and lighting, but you have to work around cold weather and much shorter days. We found a great-looking soybean field in Mathews, and had a great time! The Clark family is a joy to be around, and I hope to take their family portraits for years to come. (more…)

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  • Seth and Alanna got married in Mathews, VA!

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    Seth an Alanna were just married at the Grandview Manor in Mathews, Virginia! A landscaping company I worked for when I was a teenager used to cut grass and do the landscaping at Grandview. It’s a gem hidden in Mathews, Virginia. Seth and Alanna picked September for their wedding, which is a beautiful time of year in Mathews! Besides avoiding the high heat and humidity of a summer wedding, the corn fields are golden and the leaves are close to turning. The day was mostly overcast with a few sprinkles of rain, but the weather held out well overall. Seth and Alanna were a very fun couple. They love each other, they love their families, and they had a wonderful wedding. (more…)

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